Staying safe from malaria: Grandmothers receive mosquito nets

By Esther Opade

Reach Out Mbuya Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative (ROM) is involved in the distribution of mosquito nets to clients.  Through this initiative, ROM received 1000 pieces of mosquito nets from Joint Medical Stores (JMS) to be given to clients. Given the vulnerability of these groups, coupled with their age and weak immune system, the target is the elderly, pregnant women, and children.

47 out of 106 grandmothers under ROM care received mosquito nets. They were encouraged to use them correctly to protect themselves from the deadly disease.

ROM is yet to start the distribution of other groups. ROM is committed to serving its community in all aspects of life through its holistic care approach that includes, body, mind, family, and community.

Malaria is one of the killer diseases in Uganda that weakens the immune system as soon as the parasite enters the blood to fight the disease Uganda as a country is distributing mosquito nets nationwide.

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