Promoting Beauty with zero stigma and zero discrimination through the y+ beauty Pageant.

By Venus Okello,

Stigma and Discrimination has always been an obstacle to effective responses to HIV.  The y+ beauty pageant is one of the strategies being used to end stigma and discrimination of People Living with HIV.

On Saturday, 10 October 2020, the y+ central auditions beauty pageant was held at Alive Medical Services Namwongo, under the theme “Changing the narrative of the people living with HIV/AIDS.”

 Ten (10) Reach Out Mbuya Community Health Initiative beneficiaries participated in the pageant. They exhibited their talents in music, dance, and quiz with confidence and self-esteem as they faced the judges. 

One of the ROM beneficiaries introduces herself before the judges.

Since its inception, the Y+ Beauty pageant has continued to empower young people living with HIV/AIDS to overcome stigma and discrimination while impacting both young and old people with the message of HIV/AIDS awareness.  The initiative spearheaded by the Uganda Network of Young People Living with HIV/AIDS   has engaged the young people living with HIV/AIDS to become ambassadors of change at the community, regional, national, and global levels.

It has created an enabling environment for all young people living and affected by HIV/AIDS to participate equally in the development of programs that improve their livelihood as they become confident and resilient members of their communities.     

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