Major events in the history of Reach Out Mbuya

2001 Secured funding from Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Church, supported 14 clients with the help of four volunteers, carried out its operations in the church hall
2002 Major activities by then were provision of counseling and treatment of OIs, testing was done in partnership with Kiswa Health Center and later to an external/private Laboratory in Nakawa. Towards the end of 2002, our clients were enrolled in the study at Joint Clinical Research Council (JCRC), an HIV/AIDs research body of the government of Uganda, where they were provided with CD4 count services and Anti-Retroviral (ARV) therapy and other care services.Pharmacy existed and its major function was drug dispensing for OIs
2003 ROM started dispensing ARVs
2005 Laboratory was established and the following services were done LFTs, BS, HIV, TB screening, etc
2007 Adherence Support Section was started to ensure that there is close monitoring of the clients taking ARV and TB drugs, and promoting PMTCT

Major events in the history of the Community support department

2002 Roses of Mbuya was started to provide practical skills and employment to ROM clients. They engaged mainly in making ornamental beads and tailoring.
2003 Bread of Life (BOL) was started to provide subsidised loans to staff, clients and elderly guardians affected/infected with HIV and AIDS to ensure a certain level of financial independence. The Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) has worked out better in an HIV and AIDS yet urban setting thus has since replaced the BOL scheme.Operation School Fees (Education/Vocational Training Support) started to support 64 children orphaned and made vulnerable by HIV/AIDS. It has since grown to support over 1000 children get free education by September 2010.
2007 Psychological Support; a Children’s Club to offer psychological support to children affected by HIV/AIDS on Saturdays.
2008 The Children’s Club has grown into a full-fledged brass band and music dance and drama groups.
2009 Incorporated the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA) in conjunction with CARE International. This has worked better than the Bread of Life Loans Scheme in the organization.Launched the Children’s Jazz band as an addition to the already existing Talents Club (brass band and MDD groups)

Major events in the history of Community support Department

2003 Started several initiatives to support ROM clients in their communities. They included the Community Network of Care (CATTS), Mother to Mother Supporters, Teenage and Adolescent  Supporter, Community Supporter)Started food and sustainable projects that ran with support from the United Nations World Food Programme from December 2003-March 2007. It has now grown to include mushroom growing, piggery and food distribution
Other programs include: Operation Gideon (support program for men); the Good Samaritan (support program for women), and the Youth Program (support program for youth in and out of school)
2007 Started the following programs: Couple Program; Hygiene and sanitation; Post test club; Adult Literacy; and a Schools Program
2008 Started the Community Sports Gala
2009 Fully established the Children’s Brass BandFully established the Children’s Music Dance and Drama Group
2010 Started the Clients Anti-retroviral (ART)graduation
2011 Commemorated ten years excellent service delivery to the vulnerable poor in the communities of Kinawataka, Banda, Nakawa, Giza Giza, and Kasaala