About ROM

Reach Out Mbuya Community Health Initiative formerly known as Reach Out Mbuya Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative (ROM) is a community-based non-governmental organization working with the urban and rural poor communities currently in 6 districts and ready to expand further. ROM provides a unique model of care to People Living with HIV and where necessary their families; taking care of the medical, social, emotional, and economical aspects of their lives to foster dignified living.

The program initiated in May 2001 at Our Lady of Africa Mbuya Catholic Parish to address the AIDS scourge in the slum communities of the Parish has since experienced rapid growth scaling up further beyond the parish jurisdiction. Starting with 14 HIV+ clients in 2001, currently ≥7000 are served annually.


ROM aims to curb the further spread of HIV among the less privileged members of the community it serves and enable those already living with HIV/AIDS to live a responsible and dignified life.


ROM envisions a community free of the spread of HIV where persons already infected and affected by HIV and AIDS are living positively with an improved quality of life.

Core Values

1. Teamwork
2. Client Focus
3. Professionalism and Integrity
4. Innovation
5. Respect for human life


The overall objective of Reach Out is to offer a unique model of care to People Living with HIV/AIDS: a model that takes care of the whole person, including the needs of the body, mind, family, and community.

ROMs theory of change

Holistic model of care

ROM uses a community-based approach and a holistic model of care. The holistic model is a unique approach developed by Reach Out Mbuya Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative that cares for the body, mind, family, and community needs of her clients to restore hope to the hopeless and good health to the sick.

The holistic model of care relies heavily on community-based approaches that emphasize community ownership. ROM strategically has over 49% of its staff drawn from its HIV-positive clients who hail from the catchment population.

Areas of Operation

Where We Work