Reach Out has grown to serve over 5000 people in a catchment area of 95,000 people by end of December 2011. The HIV prevalence in the area is about 9%, which is 3 percentage points higher than the national average.

Reach Out has also evolved with her unique holistic model of care which cares for the body, mind, family, and community needs to restore hope for the hopeless and good health to the sick. The majority of these sick people have HIV and AIDS.

In 2007, Reach Out underwent a successful restructuring exercise to reduce on the administrative costs but also employ and allocate qualified staff to all positions in the organization for better management. In so doing, Reach Out also saw her budget grow to meet the fast growing organization and number of clients hence increased activity.

1. Reach Out won the 2008 Best Practice Award from the European Union.
2. In March 2010, Reach Out won an award in recognition of her dedicated mentorship to the School of Public Health/Centre for Disease Control and prevention (SPH/CDC) Fellows 2008-2010.