Where We Work

Areas of Operation

Where We Work

Mbuya Site

The Mbuya site was officially opened in May 2001 and serves 2,065 active clients, mainly from Giza Giza and Nakawa communities, who access Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT).  

This site houses the main offices of the organization and the Roses of Mbuya shop.

Kinawataka Site

Kinawataka is one of the four satellite clinics set up to move services closer to the target community. It is the biggest site in terms of client population with over 2,800 active clients as of January 2018.

Kinawataka site is located in the compound of the St. Joseph Mukasa Balikudembe Catholic sub-parish, about 5kms from Kampala City centre and 2kms from Reach Out Mbuya site located at Our Lady of Africa Catholic Church Mbuya. The site serves three main communities namely Kinawataka I, Kinawataka II, and Acholi Quarters(a location inhabited by mainly people from the northern Uganda ethnic group called the Acholi). These were displaced by a two-decade long war against the government of Uganda waged by the Lords Resistance Army (LRA) rebels led by Joseph Kony.

Banda Site

The people of Banda Sub Parish used to move long distances to access all these services offered by Reach Out. Thus, yet another site was officially opened on February 13, 2008, and to date serves 545 clients every Wednesday and Friday of the week.

It is important to highlight the uniqueness of this site which is manifested in various aspects including the Roses of Mbuya Tailoring and Training workshop, the weaving arm of the organization that trains both people from within the Reach Out family and is also open to the public

Kasaala Site

Reach Out Mbuya has continued to grow in a bid to reach other communities with HIV/AIDS care and management services. On January 30, 2009, Reach Out Mbuya Parish HIV/AIDS Initiative-Kasaala (ROK) was officially inaugurated by his Lordship the bishop of Kasana Luweero Diocese as one of the four sites of Reach Out Mbuya.

It is also a faith-based community non-government organization committed to offering care to people infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Kasaala Parish. In Kasaala, clients receive primary health care services in addition ROM’s HIV-related services. The grandmothers’ project and many of ROM’s vocational trainings are also based at Kasaala.

Reach Out Kasaala uses a community approach to reach the most disadvantaged population in its catchment area. It mainly operates in four civic parishes of Ngogolo, Kakabala, Kakinzi and Bamugolodde, which are all found in Butuntumula Sub-county Luweero district.

The ROK site is located 3km from Luweero town off Kampala-Masindi Road in St Mary’s Health centre III-Kasaala.