ROM Bids

Reach Out Mbuya Community Health Initiative (ROM) is a community-based National wide non-governmental organization working with the urban and rural poor communities. ROM provides a unique model of care to People Living with HIV and where necessary their families; taking care of the medical, social, emotional, and economical aspects of their lives to foster dignified living.

ROM with funding from Center for Disease Control is implementing a five (5) year Kampala Health Project (KHP) with a goal of contributing to the reduction in HIV & TB incidences in Kampala Region.

One of the key reduction/prevention strategies is DREAMS , which has components of long-term/Enhanced and Short/Basic Economic Strengthening (SES).

SES intends to provide Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) with business mentorship and equipment needed to start small businesses. Without a steady stream of income, AGYWs are more t risk of engaging in transactional sex and relationships for financial stability which can lead to Gender Based Violence, HIV, and unplanned pregnancies.

Reach Out Mbuya wishes to engage well accredited Training Institutions to provide short and long-term vocational skills and knowledge to Adolescent Girls and Young women in-order to reduce their economic vulnerability. Reach Out Mbuya also seeks registered companies to supply startup items. The successful applicants will eventually be required to support the trainees to acquire DIT certification where applicable. Below are trades under consideration.


Business category Reference No. Submission period for Quotations
1.Kitchen ware items (details on the RFQ attached) 18826 10 working days
2.Complet sets of sewing Machines (details on the RFQ attached) 18824 10 working days
3.Hair Dressing items (details on the RFQ attached) 18823 10 workings days
4.Welding and Metal fabrication items (details on the attached RFQ)  18827 10 working days
5. Craft shoe making items (details on the attached RFQ) 18825 10 working days

Application and Submission Guidelines

Interested bidders should download from the website the Request for Quotations (RFQ) form which MUST be filled in Excel form provided and returned via the email below for the category/categories applied for.

All bidders MUST quote in Uganda Shillings.

The bidder(s) MUST also submit a stamped and signed PDF version of the RFQ(s) and share it along with the listed requirements below

  1. Tax Clearance certificate (note that ROM TIN is on the RFQ)
  2. Valid Trading License
  3. Certificate of registration
  4. Payment terms (6% Withholding Tax Deducted)
  5. Account details
  6. Ability to provide EFRIS/E-receipt
  • Non-Submission of any of the first three requirements above, as well as the application form, excel and PDF version of the RFQ, will lead to automatic disqualification.
  • Bidders should download and fill the application form to be submitted with the rest of the documents.
  • Please restrict your application to ONLY ONE business category, firm applying for more than one trade will be automatically disqualified.
  • Site inspection might done before awarding.
  • The email subject line MUST appear in this format “RFQ number-Business Category” e.g “18827- Welding Materials”
  • Save your documents in a zipped file and submit on email address


RFQ for supply of Welding machines-18827.pdf

RFQ for supply of Sewing machines-18824.pdf

RFQ for supply of kitchen ware items-18826.pdf

RFQ for supply of hair dressing items-18823.pdf

RFQ for supply of Craft shoe making items-18825.pdf

Image for some of the required tools-WA0001.jpg




For Inquiries contact; Procurement office on +256 312165250 or email address

 Deadline for Submission: Wednesday July 17th 2024, 5:00PM