BID NO. 091/2023

Reach Out Mbuya Community Health Initiative hereby requests applications from interested registered companies for the under listed procurement areas, subject to Reach Out Mbuya Community Health Initiative’s procurement policy.

Closing date: 13th October 2023   Time: 12 noon For Inquiries Tel.256-414-222 630

Completed application documents in plain sealed envelopes, endorsed with the respective procurement category name, bearing the name, address and contact details of the applicant on the back of the envelope, must be returned with evidence of payment of the application fee to the front desk at Mbuya site by not later than the closing date and time.

Bid documents will be opened on 13th October 2023 at 2.00pm and feedback will be issued to the addresses given within 4 weeks.

Download BID FORM Here

Invitation to bid for various supplies, services and works, for framework agreements October 2023 – September 2025
CODE ITEM Application fees
SUP/1000 Cleaning materials, toiletries 100,000
SUP/2000 Computers, Computer accessories, printers, Copiers, printer consumables and accessories 200,000
SUP/3000 Drugs 100,000
SUP/5000 Medical Equipment and sundries 200,000
SUP/6000 Laboratory Equipment & Consumables 100,000
SUP/7000 Other Electrical equipment and accessories 100,000
SUP/8000 Food Items 200,000
SUP/10000 Air Conditioners, Accessories & maintenance 100,000
SUP/11000 Office furnishing 200,000
SUP/12000 Assorted office stationery, other office equipment, 200,000
SUP/13000 Fuel, lubricants 200,000
SUP/14000 General workplace wear e.g., uniforms, protective wear, corporate shirts 50,000
SVCS/200 Computer & printer repairs and maintenance 100,000
SVCS/201 Engraving 50,000
SVCS/202 Refuse collection & disposal 50,000
SVCS/203 Maintenance & repair of electrical equipment 50,000
SVCS/204 Maintenance & repair of furniture fittings 50,000
SVCS/205 Printing, designing and Branding 100,000
SVCS/206 Repairs and maintenance of motor vehicle and Motor Cycle 100,000
SVCS/207 Repairs and maintenance of Generators 50,000
SVCS/208 Fumigation 50,000
SVCS/209 Hotel & conference services 200,000
SVCS/210 Transport & hire of vehicles 200,000
SVCS/211 Catering Services 100,000
SVCS/212 Internet provision 200,000
SVCS/213 Security Services 100,000
3 Consultancy
  SVCS/3003: Training On Demand
Works/4000 Electrical works 50,000
Works/4001 Plumbing Works 50000
Works/4002 Building, civil works & carpentry On Demand
Works 4003 Architectural, surveying & engineering On Demand

Payment details:

Reach Out Mbuya Community Health Initiative
Stanbic Bank: 9030005612127


Reach Out Mbuya Community Health Initiative
Absa Bank: 6002969880


Download BID FORM Here