Improving welfare outcomes among youth through psychosocial support.

Youth during the work out session at the youth camp organized by ROM.

By Sarah Nassolo

Social Worker

ROM’s psychosocial interventions are geared towards achieving positive change in the lives of the youth within the three core areas of; skills and knowledge, emotional and social wellbeing.  Under skills and knowledge, we focus on supporting them acquire new skills in communication, hands on skills like crafts making and life skills for independent living.

With emotional wellbeing the youth are able to feel safe, trust one another and able to have relationships with their peers and a sense of belonging in the community. Sometimes the intertwined psychological and social needs of youth are referred to as emotional needs.

Through psychosocial support, our youth have been able to overcome major challenges in their lives such as; HIV disclosure. They have adopted good adherence to their medication, life skills and relationship management.

One way to recover from any adverse events in one’s life is by talking about them. Discussing about HIV, experience sharing and testimonies have greatly helped the youth cope with their situation. Youth who often lack access to psychosocial support, suffer devastating long-term effects. It is therefore important that this support often in terms of books and other recreational and educational material is provided. This kind of assistance is very important if physical and practical needs have to be met.

As a social worker, my job is to accept the youth as they are. Be reliable, empathetic and sensitive to their needs. This is in line with the government Standard Operating Procedures of handling children of different needs.  By doing so we have greatly deepened the type of care we give to ours youth at ROM  and will continue  to do so as we strive  for improved welfare outcomes.

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