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In 2022, ROM was able to provide members of the community with comprehensive HIV/TB services that included HTS, prevention services, Key & Priority population and viral load monitoring as well as a number of various community engagement activities aimed at raising awareness about HIV and the importance of HTS services.

Success is attributed to best practices;
• Awareness creation
• Risk based assessment approach
• Monthly data evaluations
• Well-coordinated and integrated HIV services
• Strengthened partnerships
• Strengthened facility-based index

a). HIV Testing Services (HTS)

As a gateway to effective treatment and prevention of HIV, ROM provides HTS to members of the community. This year, a total of 4352 individuals were tested and 299 of them were positive.

7435 Total Clients in care and on ART in 2022
4352 were tested for HIV 6.9% tested positive, compared to 6.1% the 
national HIV prevalence. 2251 of 4352 (51.7%) men were tested for HIV, 127 were positive 2101 out of 4352 (48.3%) women were tested for HIV, 172 were positive 1348 of 4352(30.97%) children were tested for HIV, 15 were positive 297 positives were linked to care

A counsellor preparing a client for HIV testing in the community

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Mothers on PMTCT program default to taking HIVST kits to their partners due to fear of disclosure
and related effects like divorce.

b). Key and Priority Populations

The trans gender, men who have sex with men, female sex workers and their clients, people who inject drugs, truck drivers, people in prisons and other enclosed settings substantially contribute to new HIV infections in their communities. Others include fisher folk, out of school youth, uniformed staff and discordant couples. In 2022, ROM reached out to these groups with ART, standardized prevention and GBV messages among other services.


were provided with ART services


Were provided with ART services received prevention services such as HTS, PEP, prevention messages and GBV services.


c). Laboratory Services


ROM operates a standard laboratory characterized by less turnaround time and talented staff that make it possible for early diagnosis and treatment of HIV and NCDs. At all times, the staff observe the Standard Operating Procedures thus contributing to consistency, quality assurance, safety and continues participating into external quality control and proficiency testing with UVRI ,CPHL and NTLP.

In 2022, 24,836 tests were done across sites; Mbuya, Kinnawataka and Banda. They included malaria, viral load, CD4, EID, sputum GeneXpert analysis and other general laboratory tests. Some were specific to ROM and others were referred from other health
facilities; as a GeneXpert site, ROM receives a number of samples from about ten other non-ROM affiliated facilities for analysis through a courier. The tests are usually done and results sent back through the same channel.

FIGURE: A graph showing the number of tests done at ROM in 2022.

FIGURE: Below are some of the laboratory tests done per site for 2022

d). The Pharmacy

All drugs are ordered, verified and distributed to clients at the pharmacy with strict observance of Standard operating procedures (SOPS) by the Ministry of Health and the National Drug Authority. In 2022, adults recommended formulation opening stock was 7123. 20094 was received, 21192 were the drugs consumed and closing stock was 6025. For children, opening stock was 980, received 1978, consumed 2432 and closed with 526. Recommended opening eMTCT opening stock was 123, received 113, consumed 216 and closed
with 20. Other formulations’ opening stock was 189, received 275, consumed 357 and closed with 107.

FIGURE: Support Supervision at the Mbuya site pharmacy

e). Viral Load Suppression

With free-viral load testing for all clients in care, and increased adherence to ART, suppression rates in 2022 were above the global 95% targets.

f). Maternal and Child Health

ROM has continued to boost the health of vulnerable expectant and breastfeeding mothers in the slum communities of Nakawa Division, Kampala District for dignified livelihoods. Through the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) funded projectt, pregnant
mothers were supported with timely antenatal and postnatal care services, nutrition assessment, breast and cervical cancer screening, gender-based violence and child rights awareness sensitization sessions aimed at improving resilience of parents and their children. Also, linkage to authorities was also done in case any form of abuse was identified and, parents were supported to have their children
registered at the National Identification and Registration Authority (NIRA).

2022 key project achievements.
289 pregnant mothers were supported with antenatal and postnatal
care services. 256 children were immunized. 207 mothers screened for breast and cervical cancer. 11 food demonstration sessions were held at facility. 997 children were registered and attained birth certificates. Community
sensitization sessions have led to
improvement in health seeking behaviors among members of the community.

FIGURE: A team from the MCC sharing with an expectant mother at Acholi Quarters

g). #ENDAIDS2030

The day was marked on 1st December 2022, with a 5-kilometer march round Mbuya, a candlelight memorial mass, HIV testing and counseling services and other acts of charity under the theme “Communities Taking lead in Ending HIV/AIDS”

FIGURE: Staff and community members joined the march

The Chief Walker, Mr. Paul Mugambe-Mayor of Nakawa Division and ROM Executive Director during the march. And participants lighting candles in memory of those lost to HIV/AIDS led by the Mayor, Nakawa Division.

FIGURE: Participants duplicated the red ribbon as they lit candles outside ROM Mbuya clinic.

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