Work Readiness and Soft Skilling

In March 2022, ROM is excited to have enrolled a new activity for Out-of-school-Youths in Mityana district, focusing on work readiness and soft/life skilling for the youths aged 15-29. Organized in groups, project beneficiaries from over nine sub-counties were practically trained in entrepreneurship and financial literacy, interpersonal relationship, self-management and other life skills. They were later
given start-up capital for different preferred projects. Hanifa Nakimera is a 22-year-old young woman and a mother of a six-months baby, living at Kikuuta, Busujju in Uganda’s central district of Mityana. A proud mother of two, Hanifa generously shares her appreciation for the skill she has acquired with ROM’s support through ICYD.

Hanifa with her group members at Kikuuta, demonstrating to ROM staff how to knit a sweater.

Hanifa said, “My job is to knit sweaters. While I pondered on what to do for a living, a team from
ROM came to Kakindu and enrolled us for a training. We learned a number of skills; how to
behave in business environment; saving, quality products, customer care and a lot more. After the
training, ROM also gave us sewing machines. Today, we supply sweaters to a number of schools
and the demand is higher than Expected. My dream is to continue with this business so that
I pay school fees for my children whom I think will be able to continue with it when they finish
school.” Hanifah adds that one of the important things she learnt at ROM is to save, then use some of the profits to grow her business. She is so proud of ROM, for adding value to her life. With this skill,
Hanifa hopes to grow her Fenna Tugaggawale group into one of the best sweater producing companies in Mityana District.

Group members of Tusimbudde Youth Development Group, at the hutch, showing how their rabbits are fairing

Members of Kikube Youth Enterprise showing their Langstroth beehive and Nkuba John Bosco of Banda Youth Cooperative group packaging hard corns.

“I did not have a clear source of income and even the little money I would get would be wasted on
useless things. However, during the training, I was able to understand who I am and that I was capable
of starting something and thrive in life, if I made realistic choices despite the challenges. I also learnt
that it was possible to save and start a business even with little capital. I started preparing local brew
(Waragi), producing only 20 liters but currently, I am capable of producing more than 100 liters. My
dream is to produce 400litres and more.” Walugembe Fred, Chairperson of Kikube Youth Enterprises.

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