Education Support

ROM sponsors Orphans and Vulnerable Children with school fees, scholastic materials, nutritional support, and psychosocial interventions. Most of these children are either HIV-positive themselves or are cared for by a parent or guardian who is HIV-positive, with many households lacking a steady income and facing a slew of other socioeconomic problems ranging from a lack of food or a safe home to domestic violence and child abuse.

Each term, ROM staff members visit the sponsored children at their schools to track their academic performance, discuss their progress with their teachers, and counsel them in groups and individually.

ROM receives funding from the CDC, ROSE, SID’ECOLE, the Stephen Lewis Foundation, Barclays Bank ( at one point) , donation boxes and local fundraising through the Annual Charity Drive

ROM has progressed  over the years, in  the 2019 Primary Leaving Examinitions  (PLE)  and Uganda  Certificate of Education (UCE) ROM  had 95 and 28 students who sat for the examinations respectively . Below is a snapshot of their performance;