Grandmothers’ Project

Grandmothers’ Project

As of March 2021, 30 VSLA grandmothers groups have been maintained.

The grandmothers’ project, which is implemented in Kasaala, Luweero district, aims to improve the well-being of grandmothers and their households. A majority of grandmothers have been affected by HIV, many the primary caretaker for their grandchildren as their children have died from AIDS. 

The project, funded by the Stephen Lewis Foundation, provides;

Grandmothers Clinics are run weekly at the Kasaala health facility, where grandmothers receive free medical care.

Medical outreaches are also conducted in nearby communities, and home visits are conducted to those most frail grandmothers.

HIV testing and counseling is integrated into the general care. In 2015, 135 grandmothers were screened for cervical cancer using visual inspection with acetic acid, and two grandmothers with a positive test were referred to Mulago Hospital.

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Currently, 955 active grannies are in the project.

30 critically vulnerable grandmothers have been supported with food

65 have been trained on backyard gardening 35 of these grannies have started small gardens with in their homes

Grandchildren are given the chance to attend vocational trainings in tailoring, hairdressing, nursery teaching, early childhood education, catering, motor vehicle mechanics, building, and construction and welding. 52 Adolescent Girls and Young Mothers have undertaken entrepreneurship training and have graduated.
See this blog to read a day in the life of the grandmothers’ project in Kasaala. 


In 2021 , 2 grandmothers have been assessed for shelter support and have received 2 houses