Volunteer enrollment at Reach Out Mbuya
To ensure the security of the organization, all individual volunteer must go through the organization application process and be approved before enrollment.


1. Application stating area of interest ,accompanied with necessary copies of academics
2. Selection tracking & assessment of volunteer application as requested by the supervisors from different department
3. Call volunteer for placement
4. Watch the organization documentary,
5. Fill enrollment form behavioral guideline & appropriate volunteer agreement
6. Orientation process & placement
7. Introduction to the rest of the organization members
8. Complete enrollment

Events; provide an opportunity for involvement, participation and recognition
Activities; provide an opportunity to gain experience having five part learning model:

1. Experience the activity, perform it
2. Share the results, reaction, and observation
3. Process by discussing, looking at the experience; analyze; reflect
4. Generalize to connect the experience to real-world examples
5. Apply what has been learnt to a similar or different situation; practice

Form of Recognition
Awarding letter of recommendation basing on hard work at the end of the voluntary service